About Blackhawk, CA

Blackhawk is actually not a town, but rather an unincorporated master planned community known for its ritzy opulence and lavish lifestyle east of Danville.

The crown jewel of Blackhawk is the exclusive Blackhawk Country Club, featuring two golf courses, a sports complex and restaurants.

Just a 4-minute drive south of Blackhawk Country Club is Blackhawk Plaza, a gorgeous complex of shops and restaurants set among lovely ponds and water features, complete with koi, ducks and swans.

Blackhawk was named after a famous Irish racehorse (although many think it is the hawks seen occasionally overhead).

The community itself sits at the base of Mount Diablo where luxurious residential neighborhoods are surrounded by thousands of acres of permanent open lands. Eagle Ridge Drive gives way to a separate gate which leads to extremely exclusive estates, including the 28,673-square-foot Behring estate.

Blackhawk consists of six individual gated communities scattered along Blackhawk Road, connected by a 3-mile-long jogging trail.

  • Hidden Oaks consists of 206 homes and in 1978 was the first Blackhawk community to be completed. Most homes are on half-acre lots.
  • Oakridge consists of medium-sized homes ranging from 2000 to 3,000 square feet (280 m2), though a few large estates reside on the top of a private court.
  • Saddleback, the second community completed, is home to some of the most lavish homes in the entire Blackhawk development. Most lots are no less than 5 acres in size.
  • Silveroak is an upscale condo complex.
  • Silver Maple is designed around one of the main Blackhawk Country Clubs’s golf holes, though no roads connect it to the rest of the main Blackhawk Country Club. It consists of approximately 110 custom homes between 2,500 and 5,000 square feet.
  • Blackhawk Country Club Main Gates is the largest of the six communities.

The renowned Blackhawk Auto Museum in association with the Smithsonian Institute houses one of the most extensive and beautiful car collections anywhere showcased in spectacular fashion on black granite floors with magical lighting. The museum also houses The Spirit of the Old West at Art of Africa displays. The striking architecture and gorgeous fountains make the museum a popular destination for weddings and charity events.

What We Like About Blackhawk

  • Blackhawk Grill is a great place for drinks, lunch and dinner with its active bar and great outdoor seating.
  • Prickly Pear Cantina has a fabulous tequila bar, great outdoor seating and a party atmosphere.
  • Blackhawk Plaza hosts a variety of events centered around its beautiful waterfalls and ponds including concerts, car shows and holiday events.

Homes in Blackhawk for Sale

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