Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Whether you are buying or selling a home or simply making upgrades to your existing dream home, it is always interesting and helpful to stay on top of what is happening in luxury home design trends. The latest shifts in home fashion and style are inspired by some of the most gorgeous luxury homes on the market, owned by true tastemakers and designed by those who have an eye for both what is “in” and what will endure. In luxury real estate, you want to be on trend without getting caught up in a passing fancy.

Luxury real estate design trends for 2023

When considering how to update your house to modern trends, it helps to pay attention not only to an overall look but also to individual components, so you can take what you like and leave what does not work for you. You want your home to feel current, but you also want it to feel like you. When you break it down into individual parts, you can incorporate the parts that feel personal and inspiring, giving it your own unique touch.

Sustainable materials for customized furniture

Working with sustainable materials has captured the attention of most luxury designers and interior decorators, and it has become a staple of luxury design. Eco-friendly furniture, pieces that have been recycled or sustainably sourced, makes your purchase a responsible one and creates an opportunity to have conversations around your design decisions. As House and Hold Magazine reports, high-end eco-friendly pieces are meticulously designed, thoughtfully crafted, and made to last.

Lighting that accentuates architectural features

Recent years have seen a rise in architectural detail lighting, and that trend is only growing into 2023. Uplighting or lighting that focuses on specific, beautifully crafted features built into the home captures the home in all of its glory. Fortunately, this lighting can still be functional, and homeowners should ensure the lighting is energy efficient as detail lighting is meant to be used throughout the day and evening rather than turned on and off. Luxury homes today create ambiance and atmosphere with architectural lighting.

Vibrant, retro colors that stimulate nostalgia

The era of throwback colors and images has come to luxury design. Color names like digital lavender, sundial, and verdigris are all on trend in 2023 for paint in upscale homes, and they strike a vibe of reclaiming the loveliness of the past and bringing it into our living spaces.

Architectural Digest reports the popularity in the luxury design of warm neutrals with pops of throwback colors, which means you might paint the majority of your home in a beige or light tan (gray is going out) and then have an accent wall or two in luscious red or tranquil blue. With your hand-crafted sustainable furniture and black accents, you’ll certainly be living in the present tense of luxury.

Black accents and details

While most homeowners won’t paint an entire room, or even an entire wall, black, having black fixtures and details throughout your home is the height of sophistication. Luxury design in 2023 is bringing black into the forefront to evoke a sensation of power and elegance, the epitome of million-dollar homes. There is an enticing beauty to the color black in design, as it is much bolder and more daring than stainless steel or chrome and much more prestigious than gold, which can seem gaudy if not done right. You can’t really go wrong with black; it is so easy to work with, yet it feels so glamorous.

Customized game rooms, theaters, and gyms

The trend of customized game rooms, home theaters, and dream gyms is not going anywhere anytime soon. After all, luxury homes typically have extra rooms, and what to do with those rooms except design your own custom spaces that suit the whims of your family and frequent guests? Whether it is a home theater with plush seating and top-of-the-line electronics or a full gym and yoga studio with wall-to-wall mirrors and equipment to meet every fitness goal, having these special spaces oozes luxury design.

Outdoor spaces that incorporate nature

Natural materials like stone and wood, plants in pots, and landscaping with abundant greenery, as well as a merging of the indoor and the outdoor spaces where homeowners can walk from an indoor living area out to the yard through large glass doors, is all the rage right now. The nice thing about this trend is that it creates a dreamy space that sells itself so much that the homeowner may not ever want to sell, and if they do, it will undoubtedly add tremendous value.

Integrating environmental protection is the new luxury design

Finally, integrating eco-friendly decisions throughout your home is the hottest luxury design trend in 2023 and for the foreseeable future. Eco-friendly luxury designs include solar paneling, efficient lighting, fountains that recycle water, sustainable freshwater pools or ponds, high-performance windows, energy-efficient air conditioners, and even eco-paints and wallpaper for your walls.

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