About Lafayette, CA

Lafayette is the “La” in Lamorinda. It is noted for its high quality of life with top-rated schools, low crime rate, small-town downtown, clean air, mild climate and oak tree-studded hills.

Located between Berkeley and Walnut Creek, Lafayette has its own Bay Area Rapid Transit station (BART) and is only a 25-minute BART ride from San Francisco.

Lafayette incorporated in 1968. It received no property taxes and since it had no shopping mall or big-box stores, the community collected few sales tax dollars. The first city council focused on providing only a few essential services, namely, the “Four Ps”: police, public works, planning and parks.

While other cities may deliver an extensive range of community servicees such as parks and recreational facilities, Lafayette has largely concentrated on the Four Ps. Nevertheless, the new and improved bustling downtown, the beautiful Lafayette Reservoir, BART and Lafayette’s proximity to San Francisco make this community a very desirable place to live.

What We Like About Lafayette

  • Brunch and a spa day at the beautiful Lafayette Park Hotel.
  • Renting paddleboats and hiking the Lafayette Reservoir.
  • Dinner at Postino Restaurant, housed in a beautiful historic, brick building.
  • Mexican food at El Charro El Charro, a family favorite since 1947.

Homes in Lafayette for Sale

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