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August 12, 2019

Danielle Cranston’s Danville Guidebook: Danville Chocolates

By Admin In Danville California with Comments Off on Danielle Cranston’s Danville Guidebook: Danville Chocolates

Danville Chocolates is a specialty shop located in downtown Danville. This shop sells a variety of delicious homemade treats such as chocolates, truffles, and many other sweets.

Danville Chocolates is a fun destination spot to take kids to watch the employees craft their homemade products. They always use premium ingredients and allow customers to sample their new flavor combinations. The employees are incredibly kind and talented and will always help with picking out the most popular sweets to take home. Danville Chocolates is guaranteed to satisfy the whole family’s sweet tooth.

  • Delicious creations
  • Helpful employees
  • Nice environment and aroma
  • Premium ingredients
  • Endless creativity

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